Rainmail Server Administrator Guide

Rainmail Server provides multiple Graphical User Interface for administration. Those can be accessed as follows:

  1. Rainmail Administrator Java GUI is a full fledged User Interface to administer all the modules. This can be run as follows:
  • Boot Rainmail Server in GUI mode
  • Login as root with associated password.
  • Goto Start -> System -> Configure Rainmail Server
  • That will bring up the following Window:

  • Enter the default password, which is server.
  • Click on OK
  • That will bring up the following dialog.

  • Double Click on Administrator under the Activate Profiles section. That will bring up the GUI as follows:

  • This can be used to Administer the server and add/delete and modify user accounts.
  1. Web based Admin GUI Rainmail Server provides a Web based Interface using which an Administrator can perform day to day activities like creation/deletion and modification of users. The interface can be accessed as follows:
  • Open up Internet browser from any Desktop in the same Network as Rainmail Server.
  • Go to the URL http://<IP of Rainmail Server> (e.g.,
  • That will open up a page with following section:

  • Click on Web Administrator Page link.
  • The page will prompt for a User name/password.
  • Enter mailservice as user name.
  • Enter password of mailservice user
  • That will open the following page

  • Click on RIS Control Panel link. That will open the following page

  • Click on the links to Administer Rainmail Server.
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